PComp - Final Project Concept

16 Nov 2016
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For the pcomp final, Jaycee and I are creating a game based on Slither. The program for the game will be built using p5. The game board will be projected onto a circular table and will accomodate up to 4 players. To move your snake, a player would move around the table in the direction they want their snake to move. For example, if you want your snake to move to the right, you would scoot around the table to the right and try not to bump into the person next to you.

We are still trying which sensor(s) will accurately allow us to detect 360 degree movement from multiple people. There are several ways to detect this for one person, but they don’t work when applied to multiple people. So, we are experimenting with various sensors to see which ones, or which combinations, work best.

Our bill of materials includes:

Plywood: 3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. from Home Depot ($32)
Projector with cables (ER)
Laptop with p5 (ER)
2 proximity sensors from Adafruit ($15)
4 ultrasonic sensors from Sparkfun ($12)
4 magnetic sensors from Mouser ($5)
Cardboard for prototype controller box (Shop)

Our system diagram looks like:

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