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08 Dec 2016

PComp - Final Project Update

For the pcomp final, Jaycee and I building a multi-player version of the classic game snake, where each player's snake is moved by player's body around the table. The most challenging part of the project has been finding the right sensor. We were told to focus on the game design and that the sensors would be the easy part, but apparently indoor sub-meter position tracking is a very challenging problem, at least on a graduate... Read more

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16 Nov 2016

PComp - Final Project Concept

For the pcomp final, Jaycee and I are creating a game based on Slither. The program for the game will be built using p5. The game board will be projected onto a circular table and will accomodate up to 4 players. To move your snake, a player would move around the table in the direction they want their snake to move. For example, if you want your snake to move to the right, you would... Read more

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02 Nov 2016

Animation - Week 1

This week's assignment was to create a stop-motion video. I worked with Sebastian, Steph, and Michael, and we made Cameras on Cameras. Cameras on Cameras We found an apartment door buzzer camera from Insecam that was on Prince Steet in SoHo and decided to work with it. The surveillance camera stream already had a stop motion feel to it, so we decided to play on that. Our idea was to record Sebastian walking toward the... Read more

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01 Nov 2016

PComp - Midterm

The midterm assignment was to create a compelling interactive piece. A simple idea with near limitless possibilities. My idea was create an audio mixing board that utilized the prismizer audio effect. I knew it was going to be outside the scope of the midterm project, so I decide to focus getting the basics set. The result is an instrument that allows users to record on a microphone, play and stop the recorded audio file, and... Read more

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26 Sep 2016

PComp - Week 3 Labs

This weeks labs covered digital input and output and analog in. The digital input task was to build an LED circuit and program the Arduino to blink the light. I noticed that setting delay(12) was the lowest I could set the delay and still observe a blink with my naked eye. The digital output task was to build an LED circuit with a push button switch and program to read whether the light is on/off... Read more

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26 Sep 2016

PComp - Week 3 Observation

I took the train to DC on Monday for a conference at the Library of Congress, and decided to observe people watching the train schedule ticker board. Trying to be an outsider, here’s my observation of people’s interaction with the board... Crowds ceaselessly gather and disperse around a board, approximately 20 ft wide and 8 ft tall. It has 10 columns and 9 rows. There is a large open area where people gather in front... Read more

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20 Sep 2016

PComp - Week 2

I made a switch by taping toilet paper between the wire and the battery. The paper created a buffer space opening the circuit, which is closed when pressure is applied. It’s using a 3V battery from my digital camera Read more

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14 Sep 2016

PComp - Week 1

I agree with Crawford’s definition of interactivity “a cyclic process in which two actors alternately listen, think, and speak,” and especially with his qualifiers of “high, moderate, low, or even zero” interactivity. I would even add two additional qualifiers - direct and indirect interactivity. Direct activity meaning the two actors converse with each other without any third parties, and indirect interactivity meaning that the two actors converse but either through a third party or based... Read more

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