Animation - Week 1

02 Nov 2016
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This week's assignment was to create a stop-motion video. I worked with Sebastian, Steph, and Michael, and we made Cameras on Cameras.

Cameras on Cameras

We found an apartment door buzzer camera from Insecam that was on Prince Steet in SoHo and decided to work with it. The surveillance camera stream already had a stop motion feel to it, so we decided to play on that. Our idea was to record Sebastian walking toward the camera and pretending to be a visitor. Then we would zoom out to a scene of Sebastian in front of a laptop watching himself on the apartment camera.

To film the first part, Steph did a screen capture of Sebastian walking in front of the apartment camera. We had to do several takes to get the timing right because of car traffic and because the camera only captured images every 3-4 seconds, so Sebastian had to move in slow motion to give a full picutre. Since this was a video file of continuous motion, we had to remove frames to make it stop motion.

Next, we set up the M5 with Dragon Frame in room 50 and set a stage with a desk, laptop, lamp, and some books. We gradually zoomed out as Sebastian gradually turned to the camera, revealing to the camera that he was watching himself and now watching the camera. We only did one take on this, and if we could've done it differently, we would've done another take because during editing we realized that a few things were off and we wished we had additional takes to work with.

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