Make It New? A dh+lib Mini-Series — the ebook

28 Jun 2013

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I am pleased to present Make It New? A dh+lib Mini-Series the ebook. It is available for download in epub and pdf format.

This ebook is an experiment in publishing, demonstrating one way that openly-published works can be built upon and carried forward. It features the posts from Make It New? A dh+lib Mini-Series alongside the original Journal of Library Administration articles. Open access publishing allows us to invite our readers – all of them, regardless of their location relative to paywalls – to respond to the ideas presented in scholarly articles. Here, it has enabled us to repackage the articles and responses in a self-contained and more stable format for distribution. At this particular moment, where the work of publishers, libraries, and other like-minded institutions are overlapping in interesting ways, we need more experimental projects that explore the boundaries of what's possible and what's useful.

This work is a product of the collective effort of the authors and editors whose works are included– Barbara Rockenbach, Chris Alen Sula, Jennifer Vinopal, Monica McCormick, Miriam Posner, Bethany Nowviskie, Micah Vandegrift, Stewart Varner, Ben Vershbow, Sarah Potvin, Roxanne Shirazi, Devin Higgins, Kevin Butterfield, Trevor Muñoz, Nathaniel Gustafson-Sundell, Daniel Griffin, and Chella Vaidyanathan.

Special thanks go to Micah Vandegrift for his skillful negotiations with Taylor and Francis, which allowed the authors of the JLA articles to maintain copyright to their work. I am grateful to the JLA authors, all of whom have made peer-reviewed open access versions of their articles publicly available, for allowing us to include these works in this publication under a CC-BY-NC license. The authors of the dh+lib responses, all of which were published under Creative Commons licensing terms, were equally willing to participate in this experiment, and we thank them for making this possible. I particularly appreciate the help of Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications Officer at Duke University, who helped elucidate the rights issues and claims embedded in this project.

Finally, I would be remiss not to give thanks to my dh+lib co-editors, Roxanne Shirazi and Sarah Potvin, whose consummate editorial work on the mini-series resulted in a delightfully thought-provoking set of work.

I hope you enjoy the works presented here. May you discover many answers, new questions, and find inspiration.

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