Video for New Media - Week 3

20 Jul 2016
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Our projection mapping assignment involved creating a video to project onto the building across the street. Jasmine came up with the concept for the video - something about Eraserhead and anti-intellectualism. I haven't seen Eraserhead and after making this video I'm not sure I want to, but I was sold on the idea of anti-intellectualism.

Popcorn & Vomit [VFNM] from Zach Coble on Vimeo.

We used Mapmapper to get a calibrated image of the building based on the projector's specific location.

Once we had that, we used masks in After Effects to add content onto the 6 windows. We also increased the contrast and brightness of the videos and images so they would display more clearly against the light pollution from Broadway. Overall, there was a lot of trial and error, looking up tutorials online, and jumping over to Premier to edit clips, but it was a lot of fun creating a grotesque yet playful film about vomit to project onto the student health center.

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