Video for New Media - Week 1

08 Jul 2016
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Our first assignment for Video and New Media was to meet someone new and create a portrait of them using only still frames, music and voiceover that gives us an idea of who they are in the world.

Still Portrait [VFNM] from Zach Coble on Vimeo.

I spent too much time learning the settings on the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera and didn’t have the energy to meet someone new, so instead I just creeped in Washington Square and took pictures of random strangers.

The best set of images were of this youngster by the fountain. I wrote a script about the interactions I imagined took place. I have no clue if it’s even remotely accurate, I was too focused on the camera presets and the technical quality of the images rather than the subject matter.

After presenting the video to the class, we all agreed it was a little weird to snap pictures of kids in a park, but the narrative I created was well received and the professor suggested I do a series of vignettes like this of random people around New York. So be on the lookout for my new series, Creepin’ in the City!

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