ICM Week 9 - Documentation

28 Oct 2015
courses, documentation, icm

For this week's assignment, I made a video capture kaleidoscope thing. My inspiration was this short film I saw at BAM earlier this year. It’s Hitchcock’s Vertigo condensed to 9 minutes and warped in a similar way. (I just found the youtube link, after already created this week’s assignment, and in my mind, I had envisioned that the film was exactly like my project - 4 mirrored screens; but the Vertigo short film is clearly doing a lot of other manipulation...interesting the way memory works...).

It took a while to figure out how to achieve the 4 screens. I wanted to show 4 versions of the captured screens. Something like this:


where ‘d’ is the original capture; ‘b’ is ‘d’ flipped across the y axis; ‘p’ is ‘b’ flipped across the x axis, etc.

I was able to use scale to flip the image over the x axis and scale + rotate to flip it across the y axis. Any many thanks to Mathura on the ICM listserv and Moon for troubleshooting support.

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