ICM Week 6 - Documentation

08 Oct 2015
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We had a special ICM class today. “Synthesis.” Meaning, we combined ICM with PComp. I was a little nervous going into since I’m not in PComp, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and my project was a success.

The idea was to take a p5 project and combine it with physical computing. Our mission was to create a 1 button game in 1 hour.

My partner was Xingjian An (An) and we crushed it. Her PComp skills were on point. And I had been spending the past few weeks in ICM honing my Asteroids game, which is essentially a 1 button game.

So we decided to use connect my game code to a physical button that would shoot the laster when you pressed it. An made the button while I worked out a few kinks in the code. At the end of the hour we had success. Here’s what it looked like.

ICM 1 Button Challenge from Zach Coble on Vimeo.

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