ICM Week 4 - Documentation

30 Sep 2015
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Some might think that my sketch for this week's assignment is the same as last week’s, with the addition of a few rectangles. First off, those rectangles are called asteroids in space. Second, there are a couple significant changes in the code:

  1. We can now shoot multiple lasers, thanks to arrays
  2. There are a handful of underperforming asteroids
  3. The code is prettier because it has functions and objects and shit like that

I think I learned more about programming this week than in any of the other week’s this semester. Both of the Residents’s help sessions were quite helpful in wrapping my head around functions, objects, and array. I still feel like I’m speaking phonetically (erm typing phonetically?) most of the time, but I think it’s starting to come together. I learned the print function is a very useful way to troubleshooting if the value/variable I’m pluggin in is actually doing what I think it is. Google and StackOverflow also saved the day.

There’s still a lot to work on:

  • Make it so the asteroids actually disappear when you hit them
  • The lasers don’t actually stop after they leave the screen. This could become problematic. I might need to rm them from the array after they exit stage left.
  • Some way to add new asteroids when you’ve shot up the initial round
  • Maybe make those asteroids dance around a bit
  • Still need a score tracker

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