Intro to Fabrication - Week 3

26 Sep 2016
courses, documentation, fabrication

This week’s assignment was to use the laser cutter. I decided to spruce up my Calder-esque mobile from last week's assigment by using acrylic cutouts instead of washers.

I got some acrylic from Canal Street Plastic and started designing the cutouts in Illustrator. I checked out the Wacom Bamboo tablet and styles from the ER because I quickly realized that it was much easier to draw the designs with a styles than using the trackpad.

Screenshot of Illustrator. Initial round of shapes.

Screenshot of Illustrator. Finalized shapes ready to send to laser printer.

Next steps are to use acrylic adhesive to glue the blue and white pieces together and then drill holes in them so I can hang them with string from the Soft Lab. Or drill the holes then glue the pieces together - I've asked around and people have different opinions as to which I should do first.

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