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06 May 2016

Reading Writing Electronic Text - Final

Concept My final project for Reading Writing Electronic Text uses Markov chains to generate new trucker CB slang. To put some structure around this new slang, I created a mad lib using the timeless trucker song, "Convoy" by CW McCall. For good measure, I threw in some American Revolutionary War terms into the initial corpus of CB lingo. The original "Convoy" go like this: And the mad lib formula I used looks like this: Add... Read more

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03 Apr 2016

Reading Writing Electronic Text - Homework 3

Our assignment was " Appropriating text from the network. Devise and implement (in Python) a procedure to cut up and creatively re-arrange text. At least one of your texts should come from a network-based source (e.g., Wordnik, the New York Times API, etc.)." I made the "New York Times Worst Sellers List" The program takes the current NYTime best seller list for Combined Print and Ebook Fiction (I think that's the main one nowadays) and... Read more

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29 Mar 2016

Reading Writing Electronic Text - Midterm

For my midterm for Reading Writing Electron Text, I wanted to expand on my NaNoGenMo project and create a program that generate Drake songs that followed the following scheme 8 line verse 4 line chorus 8 line verse 4 line chorus (repeat) 8 line verse 4 line chorus (repeat) The tricky part was figuring out how to get rhyming lines. Allison Parrish showed me how to generate perfect rhymes using her Pronunciation Python library, but... Read more

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