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22 Apr 2016

Performing User - Final

For the Performing User final performance, I revived my meditation on death. Of my performances from this semester, this one best fit the parameters -- a large room with an audience of ~50 seated people. It was very different from doing the performance in class where everyone was working on the same assignment and at least had some idea what was going to happen going into it. The most significant difference was timing - this... Read more

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20 Apr 2016

Performing User - Week 9 Documentation

This week's assignment was around the theme of "remote user": In pairs, create a performance study that happens remotely over a distance. What are similar or related themes in your individual work that could be paired somehow? How might introducing the concept of "distance" or "remoteness" or "disconnection" add to or change these themes? What are the different types of distance or remoteness? Physical, emotional, time, understanding, etc… Will you be connected to each other... Read more

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23 Mar 2016

Performing User - Week 7 Documentation

Anonymous / Authentic User This week’s assignment was “Create a performance that is a ‘mask’ or a ‘disguise’ that allows you to do or say things that you would never do as ‘you’.” You know the ads on subways, and how people sometimes stick their own ads on them? I made one of those. I’ve been collecting these ads for over a year. I have a strange fascination with them. They’re some sort of a... Read more

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03 Feb 2016

Performing User - Week 1 Documentation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Death and the Crashing Plane Last week I showed a flight safety instructions booklet, and mentioned how I always found it interesting that before every flight you have to take a moment to envision your own mortality. So as an accompaniment, I would like to take you all, my fellow fliers, on a brief guided mindfulness meditation on death and the crashing plane. For context: the internet says: Contemplation and meditation... Read more

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