dh+lib brings together librarians and other information professionals to discuss issues at the intersection of digital humanities and libraries. The site features two tracks of content - the volunteer-driven weekly news roundup, dh+lib review and original posts - as well as special projects, such as Make it New? A dh+lib Mini-Series (and ebook).

As co-editor for the site (along with Sarah Potvin and Roxanne Shirazi), my role involves maintaining the technical infrastructure, coordinating volunteers for the dh+lib Review, assisting with content acquisition and editing original posts, contributing to special projects, and planning for expansion of the site.



LibHack was a library hackathon held at the University of Pennsylvania on January 24, 2014, coinciding with ALA Midwinter. The event was attended by 55 people and featured two separate tracks - one specifically catered to beginners that worked on the OCLC WorldCat Search API, and another track open to beginners and advanced hackers that worked on the DPLA API. Things built during the day included WikipeDPLA and @HistoricalCats. I was the lead organizer for the event, which included securing sponsors and coordinating logistics.

Bamboo DiRT

Digital Research Tools (DiRT) is a registry of digital research tools featuring reviews, use cases, and other supplemental metadata designed to help scholars find and compare resources for their research and pedagogical needs.

As a member of the steering committee, I helped move the project out of beta in Summer 2012, and continue to participate in monthly planning meetings, regularly add new tools and expand existing entries, and assist with various special projects.

Chapters and Papers

An Investigation of Retracted Articles in the Biomedical Literature
John Budd, Zach Coble, Alison Abritis
Association for Information Science and Technology, 2016

"Getting Started With Digital Humanities in Libraries"
In Career Transitions for Librarians: Proven Strategies for Moving to Another Type of Library, edited by Davis Erin Anderson and Raymond Pun, 2016

Process as Product: Scholarly Communication Experiments in the Digital Humanities
Zach Coble, Sarah Potvin, Roxanne Shirazi
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 2(3):eP1137, 2014

Evaluating Digital Humanities Work: Guidelines for Librarians
Journal of Digital Humanities, Volume 1, Issue 4, 2012

Retracted Publications in Biomedicine: Cause for Concern
John M. Budd, Zach C. Coble, Katherine M. Anderson
Presented at ACRL 2011

Recent Presentations

Translation Hack-a-thon!: Applying the Translation Toolkit to a Global dh+lib
Sarah Potvin, Élika Ortega, Isabel Galina, Alex Gil, Daniel Paul O'Donnell, Patrick Williams, Zoe Borovsky, Roxanne Shirazi, Zach Coble, and Glen Worthey
Digital Humanities 2016
Kraków, Poland, July 2016

The NYU Libraries Web Hosting Pilot: An Update and Lessons Learned
Digital Humanities Summer Institute Colloquium
Victoria, British Columbia, June 2016

Digital Preservation Action Session
Zach Coble, Nicholas Schiller
Electronic Literature Organization
Victoria, British Columbia, June 2016

Scaling and Diversifying at the Intersection of Digital Humanities and Libraries: An Update from dh+lib
Sarah Potvin, John Russell, Roxanne Shirazi, Caro Pinto, Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Patrick Williams, Zach Coble, and Thomas Padilla
Texas Conference on Digital Libraries
Austin, Texas, May 2016

Intro to the Command Line
New York, New York, February 2016

Modeling contributorship with TaDiRAH
J. Britt Holbrook, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Micah Vandegrift, Zach Coble, April Hathcock, Korey Jackson
Scholarly Communication Institute
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, October 2015

Finding Source Material and Keeping Up with your Community
PressForward Institute
Fairfax, Virginia, August 2015

Digital Humanities, Western Europe, and the DiRT Directory
American Libraries Association Annual Conference
San Francisco, June 2015

DSS @ NYU: Digital Scholarship Services in the NYU Libraries
Zach Coble, April Hathcock
American Libraries Association Annual Conference
San Francisco, June 2015